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What differentiates RSW Properties Inc. from other property management firms is our added value management that provides owners with more than 35 years of experience giving them peace of mind that their interests are being looked after.
At RSW Properties Inc. we offer personalized services dedicated to your specific needs. Our priorities are to control costs, to optimize services, and to manage financial resources in order to guarantee and preserve the integrity and the investment of owners. By providing a solid structure, we aim to take away the burden of administrative management for our clients - creating more time to enjoy personal pursuits.
Our highly experienced team continually explores ways to reduce costs and constantly searches for solutions to resolve problems and improve the management of your building. Our exceptional customer service and efficient management skills, ensure that costs are controlled, thereby increasing your property’s value and your overall bottom line.
Please contact our offices to discuss a personalized plan for your property today.
Our services include
ViewFinancial services and accounting
  • Production of monthly financial reports
  • Cash flow management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Banking on-line, pre-authorizes deposits facilities
  • Account receivable, credit inquiries, collection of monthly rents
  • Uncollectable receivables management
  • Account payable, payments of invoices, supplier’s contracts, sales taxes report
  • Payroll preparation, DAS payments, CSST
  • Annual budget preparation, supervision of budget to actual cost
  • Management of insurance renewals, quotes, follow-up of claims
  • Mortgage financing and renewals
  • Control of majors expenses and special projects
  • Production of annual financial statement, income tax filing
ViewBuilding Operations & Management
Our team closely and adequately supervises the buildings t to be sure that they are kept in good state of repairs by a regular maintenance program in order that future repairs are kept at a minimum.
Our services include:
  • Janitorial services - RSW manages the janitorial staff, which includes hiring and supervision and surveillance of the maintenance of your buildings.
  • Maintenance and repairs - All repairs are managed by RSW’s Administrators and are completed in a timely manner at the best possible cost and with the acceptance of our client. For major repairs, we utilize the three quote system to ensure the best pricing. All repairs are manage and carried out in accordance with the agreement accepted by the owner.
  • Property taxes – RSW offers the management and payment of all property taxes.
  • 24/7 Emergency services - RSW offers a 24/24 7 days a week emergency service allowing tenants to contact us during regular office hours or at any time after our offices are closed through our emergency telephone service.
  • Management of subcontractors - Negotiation of advantageous contracts for proprietors in the following areas:
    • snow removal
    • landscape gardening
    • swimming pool maintenance and life-guards
    • garbage removal
    • washers, dryers etc.
  • Evaluation and maintenance of rental units available for renting
    • Before each unit is rented again, it is inspected to evaluate the maintenance and the necessary repairs that need to be done prior to renting the unit again.
    • A full report is then delivered to the owner, so the repairs / renovations can be completed quickly and supervised and managed in order to ensure minimal vacancy time.
  • Negotiations and renewal leases
    • All necessary steps for rental increases are followed with accuracy and according to the rules and regulations established by the Régie du logement.
    • Notices are processed and distributed to the tenants for signing according to the rules and regulations established by the Régie du logement.
    • Necessary follow-up for the required answers from , the procedure to be followed when the notices are accepted,
    • Management of non-renewals,
    • Agreements relative to renting and the negotiations.
  • Renting of vacant units
    • As soon as a rental unit becomes vacant, the following means are put into action:
      • advertisements in local papers, if necessary
      • A "for rent" sign is placed on a well exposed spot on the building
      • An ad on our partnering websites
      • Rental unit visits are scheduled
      • Every potential tenant is asked to fill out a rentalapplication form, and is subject to a credit evaluation
      • We thoroughly substantiate all potential tenants in order to be assured that they have a good credit history and that their payment ability is sufficient to rent the desired apartment
    *These preliminaries are necessary before the lease is signed and approved.
ViewSpecial dealings
Some special procedures like those required by the Régie du logement come under a service provided by our firm. This service includes:
  • Placing of a request before the Régie du logement
  • Preparation and production of documents to the tenant by mail or by bailiff
  • Representation before the Régie du logement at the hearing
  • Eviction procedures
  • Garnishment of goods or salaries when required
Administrative services
ViewAccounting and General administration reports
At the beginning of the mandate, intensive examination of your property to determine its general physical state and establish the amount of repairs, if any, that need to be done.Our evaluation will pinpoint and evaluate their urgency and an action plan will be developed for implementing the suggested repairs to make your property thrive. The owner then receives a complete and detailed report of the assessment with a proposed repair schedule according to the intentions of the owner.
Detailed monthly reports, concerning the management and the financial management of the building are sent to the owner, keeping them informed of the relevant developments concerning their property.
Our accounting services include:
  • Financial Management and bookkeepingservices
    • We immediately put in place an efficient system of financial management and the client receives a detailed monthly report of receipts and expenditures.
      • Expenditure Management
        • Monitoring and control of invoices and purchase orders
        • Payment of suppliers
        • Production of government reports (GST, QST, DAS, etc..)
  • We offer computerized financial management covering the following:
    • Deposit of all rent into the lessor's account
    • Preparation of cheques for accounts payables
    • Reconciliation of bank statements
    • Disbursements
    • Furnish a monthly statement indicating the bank balance, accounts payable and accounts receivable
    • Monthly statement of banking transactions and cash availability
    • Overall monthly report
    • All of these elements set out above are found in our monthly report to the owner/lessor. Easy to assimilate and understand, this report allows the owner to keep on top of the financial evolution of his/her property
  • We also prepare annual projections of future budgets and financial statements. These include:
    • Complete accounting services and preparation and presentation annual financial statements
    • Preparation of corporate documents (annual returns etc.)
    • Track actual costs versus budget
ViewAdditional services
  • Parking management
  • Master key system management
  • Renovation projects management
  • Service of direct payment for the payment of rents
  • Consultation services for acquisition and financing of rental building
  • Property investment consultation
  • Financial consultation
  • Financial restructuring
If you are interested in renting in one of our buildings, please feel free to contact the janitor of that building directly, at the phone numbers below.
Le 3590 Ridgewood
Le 3590 Ridgewood
3590 Ridgewood
Côte-des-Neiges / NDG
H3V 1C2
514-731-6138 (Thomas)
Chateau Lachine
Chateau Lachine
575, 32nd Avenue
Lachine, Quebec
H8T 1Y2
514-637-4513 (Maria)
Kerwin Apartments
Kerwin Apartments
6651 Sherbrooke Street W
Côte-des-Neiges / NDG
H4B 1N9
514-481-8737 (Pierre)
Parkview Manor
Parkview Manor
1255 Sherwood Crescent
1250 Lombard Crescent
Town of Mount-Royal
514-733-8710 (Michel)