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RSW Properties Inc. works closely with the condominium Syndicate Board, while attending to the best interests of both the owners and the building. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the management of condominiums. RSW prides ourselves on maintaining continuous communication between co-owners and the management team. We offer world class service and offer a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer service centre.
At RSW, we understand that communication is a major component to our success. We recognize each condominium as unique, we listen carefully to your needs answering your questions and completing engagements in a timely fashion.
We not only work closely with the board members to ensure continuous communications, but we also aim to build a relationship based on trust and assurance that we are looking after the best interests of both the owners and the building.
We offer customized services according to your needs:
ViewFinancial services and accounting
  • Production of monthly financial reports
  • Preparation and supervision of budget forecasts
  • Bookkeeping current
  • Banking on line, pre-authorizes deposits facilities
  • Detailed management of accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Preparation of assessment notices
  • Deposit all money collected in a separate bank account on behalf of the syndicate
  • Investment management of provident funds in safe securities
  • Payroll preparation, DAS payments, CSST
  • Insurance renewals, quotes
  • Preparation of the necessary documents to notaries and brokers in real estate transactions
  • Filing of annual tax returns of the condominium
ViewOperations Services
  • Participation in general assemblies
  • Full application of the clauses contained in the Declaration of Co-ownership
  • Communication with the co-owners
  • Customer service – Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Management of maintenance personnel
ViewTechnical Services
  • Oversee maintenance and service contracts
  • Management of repairs and renovations
  • Monitoring maintenance programs and mechanical equipment
  • Inspection periodic summary of the building by construction professionals when necessary
  • Determination of the work to be undertaken within the estimated budget
  • Follow-up Board decisions regarding work
  • Suppliers selection and management of tenders with them
  • Analysis and recommendations of the bids received and transmitting them to members of the Board
  • Preparation of purchase orders, negotiating and managing contracts with multiple vendors or service providers
  • Supervision of maintenance projects, monitoring schedules, quality control
  • Purchase of goods necessary for the maintenance of the building
  • Enforcing respect for the condominium and the regulations of the building, under the leadership of the board, with owners, tenants, guests and other occupants of the condominium
  • Monitoring of complaints relating to current owners of the building
  • Reporting and monitoring of claims from the insurer of the building
ViewLegal Services
ViewInsurance Services
  • Follow-up and review claims
  • Management of repair work done by sub-contractors
Le Chopin
Le Chopin
2535 Modugno
St-Laurent, Quebec
H4R 3G7
Place Viking Condominiums
Place Viking Condominiums
24-54, 58-86, 92-122 Viking
D.D.O, Quebec
H9G 2P1
Le Chateauneuf
Le Chateauneuf
2545 Rue Modugno
St-Laurent, QC
H4R 1Z9
Le Doray
Le Doray
5140 Avenue MacDonald
Montreal, QC
H3X 2V9